I’ve said before how much I love tacos.  Tacos for breakfast, tacos for lunch, tacos for dinner.  I haven’t met […]

So we are preparing for the inevitable…winter.  My absolute least favorite season.  I love the holidays, but I can’t stand […]

I just realized a few days ago that Thanksgiving is next week! How did it sneak up on me!  I’ve […]

Have you ever made a meal so good that people in your family fought over the leftovers?  Well, that’s the […]

My children, especially my son, will eat just about anything they can find in the fridge and pantry.  Even when […]

Ever have a day that just got off wrong from the get-go?  You know, the one where you wish you […]

So I’ve only been using smoked paprika for a couple of years, and I adore it!  I’ve always used paprika, […]