Chicken In A Bag (Fırın Torbasında Tavuk)

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 This is the easiest and yummiest chicken ever Chicken in a Bag (Fırın Torbasında Tavuk)

This is the easiest and yummiest chicken ever. You need whole chicken legs, thighs, drumsticks, or wings–bonny and fatty parts of chicken. This recipe doesn’t go well with less fatty parts like breast.

6 chicken thighs
1 panggangan bag
juice of 2 lemons
paprika, enough to cover the thighs
1 tbsp ground black pepper
1 tbsp oregano leaves
3 cloves of garlic, minced

-Place the chicken in a big bowl and squeeze lemons on top. Make sure every piece is covered with lemon juice. If you don’t like the chicken smell like me, lemon juice takes it away. Add paprika(don’t be stingy with it), oregano, black pepper, garlic, and salt. Mix them well with chicken. Let marinate for at least half an hour. Do not forget, the longer you marinate it the more tender it will become.
-Place an panggangan bag on a panggangan dish/tray so that its opening will be facing the side. Put marinated chicken in the bag side by side. Close the bag with a twisty tie. Make a couple of small holes on top with a knife. Bake it in preheated panggangan at 400 F for 45 minutes.
-If you want a very crispy top, after 45 minutes cut the panggangan bag on top and broil the chicken for 5-10 minutes.
-After you put the chicken in the bag, if you still have room put a couple of potatoes (cut in halves) and carrots (chopped into two or three pieces). They will be very very delicious.

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